Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thank You Weather Beings! Postscript.

After writing my last post the sky completely cleared and I went out for a walk with my dogs through the fields and woods around my house like I do most days in the late afternoon or early evening. Everything was wet and seemed to be covered in jewels wherever the late afternoon sun came streaming through the forest canopy. The sigh of relief was palpable all around me, as was the incredible beauty of the moment: the mists rising in the rays of the sun; the smell of fresh rain and wet soil; the coolness of the air; the deep greens of the foliage; the songs of the birds; the flying insects; the toads and salamanders hopping and scurrying along the ground...it doesn't get any better than this! These are the moments when every sensation, every experience is a constant reminder of how incredibly awesome it is to be alive!

The happy forest!

When I got back with my dogs I decided to write this postscript. First, I went back out with my camera to take a few photos. On the way back the next bank of clouds started floating in.

Here they come again!

As I write these words I can hear and see out my window the rain beginning to fall once more...

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