Friday, July 13, 2012

More Bad News Concerning Phthalates

Here's another interesting link from the recent research literature:

According to a recent study, phthalates may be associated with an increased risk of diabetes in women. This in a new addition to the growing list of negative health consequences associated with the consumption of phthalates, which are one of the many synthetic environmental toxins that are hormone disruptors.


Phthalates are found in plastics, especially in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) such as plastics designated with the number "3". They are also found in many commercial cosmetics and household products. Phthalates accumulate in the fatty tissues of animals and can also be found in significant amounts in dairy products and meats. Eating less dairy products and meats, which is a good practice for many reasons, and only eating those that are certified organic when they are consumed is one way to reduce consumption of phthalates. Also, it is best not to consume any food or beverage that is packaged in a #3 plastic, and to avoid the use of cosmetics that contain them. The more "natural" cosmetics that are available may contain less or none, but many of these products aren't very natural even if they are marketed as such. Also, although there is a growing trend to list ingredients on these kinds of products, regulations in most jurisdictions do not require full disclosure of ingredients on cosmetic products. So it's best to do some research and make sure that the products are being manufactured by a reputable company that does disclose all of the ingredients on product labels.

A good herbal detox and juice fasting can help to eliminate toxins like phthalates that accumulate in our body tissues. However, this needs to be accompanied by appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes to reduce our exposure to toxicity on a daily basis, as well as an increase in aerobic exercise for those who don't get enough. These are two sides of the same coin. As always, herbs will only work efficiently if we address the dietary and lifestyle patterns that contribute to the development of our health concerns as much as possible.

For anyone interested in a bit more information on herbal detoxification, here's a link to an article that I wrote a couple of years ago for Vitality Magazine:


  1. Can a juice fast detox phthalates from the brain. I recently had to have all my plastic fillings removed after they leaked and caused terrible problems. I've been left with a permanent headache, and depression with early morning wakening.

    1. Sorry for the delay replying. I'm in the process of going through past posts to see if I've missed any comments.

      Juice fasting will definitely help detox phthalates from your body including your brain, as will detoxifying herbs. However, in order for it to work efficiently it is necessary to have good blood circulation to and within your central nervous system. There are many herbs that can help with that. Aerobic exercise is also essential.